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    Nashville Rock Band of the Year
    23 Annual LA Music Awards Winner

The Alan Fox Band is indeed one of the most noteworthy blues/rock bands from Fort Worth, Texas. AFB has been steadily building their profile on the strength of their international release “Riverboat Man” through Mesquite Street Records in 2014. Their discography includes "Never Learn", a four song EP, along with their independent full length album "JuJu Ear Rub", released in 2008. Mesquite St. Records and AFB are targeting October 14th 2016 for their new release, “Coal Black Sky”!


"Coal Black Sky"  Release Date Soon! 

The Alan Fox Band is very excited to let everyone know that their new album "Coal Black Sky" is soon to be released. Thanks to Yes Mastering Studio in Nashville, TN. our new Album is one step closer to having a release date. We are looking at October 14th 2016 for our Release date.

Stay tuned for info about Pre-Release Sales
for CD's and Vinyl Records.


Look Out! We Made The Front Page 
of the Panola Watchman News Paper!
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The Alan Fox Band: Classic Sound,
Modern Rock

By Kimber Fountain April 28, 2015

Any attempts to rigidly define the genre known as "Classic Rock" are about as 
futile as trying to label the corners of a
circle. The lines are blurred from the
get-go with the word "classic," which
implies music from a specific time
period – in this case the 1960's and 70’s
but there was a lot of music made in that
time frame that does not even breach the border of consideration as Classic Rock.
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AFB New Posters 

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(photos by Robert Keith, Vicki Pendleton, and Melody Adams)


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Winner Alert!
Nashville Music Awards 2016 

Wow! Wow! 
AFB has won the 2016 Josie Show Award
 Rock Band of the Year! 
All Thanks to, 
The Josie Show


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